We offer the following world best printing plate brands as bellow:


Toyobo Cosmolight® Analog
Water Wash Flexo Plate


New generation of Cosmolight flexographic plates from Toyobo
New... flat dot technology!
Introducing patented photopolymer technology that produces flat dots without added steps or equipment. Brought to you by Toyobo, the world leader in photopolymer chemistry that pioneered water-wash photopolymer plate technology.


Features include:
Coarse surface lends to increased ink transfer
Environmentally friendly
Finished plate in under 1 hour
Available in multiple durometers
Increased tonal range
Excellent compatibility with Esko’s HD Flex
New... UV Flexo Plate
Water-washable photopolymer plate



Developed by Toyobo Co., Ltd., world leader in photopolymer chemistry and manufacturer of Printight® and
CosmolightV® water washable plates, this unique photopolymer plate delivers superior performance using
UV flexo inks. Good for you and good for the environment, Toyobo’s UV flexo plate also
washes out in plain tap water.

Key advantages include:
Ideal for UV flexo ink
Excellent reproduction
Short processing time
(press ready in under 30 minutes)
Process in plain tap water

Washout with water
Toyobo Printight® makes customers of this system possible to use ordinary water for washout.
Transparent and flexible plate
Transparent polyester film as a support material gives excellent dimensional stability and easy processability to
printing machines. Steel base plates are also available.
Slip coat
Has slip coat to get good contact between the plate and the negative film. You can use plain negative film.


Toyobo Printight® letterpress plates are widely used for printing on labels, mugs, cans, buckets, bottle caps as well as pad printing, embossing and varnishing.
The newest generation of these Japanese polymer plates provide exceptional flexibility and strength, better reproduction of even the smallest halftones, smoother surface after processing and higher resolutions (up to 200 lpi / 1% for CtP plates and 175 lpi / 1% for analog plates). This makes it possible to reproduce even the finest details in print runs where quality is key



MacDermid Printing Solutions' analog or conventional sheet photopolymer products are available for virtually any flexographic printing application and any platemaking technology. From flexible film to corrugated
boxes, MacDermid provides a high-quality sheet photopolymer plate product to fit your needs.

MVP is the Most Valuable Plate for your printing needs and is the newest medium durometer, analog sheet plate from MacDermid. Its durable design results in higher quality
print and increased productivity. This 50 durometer plate has exceptional resilience, allowing for faster press speeds and reduced bounce. Ink transfer is enhanced, delivering
extremely smooth solids and crisp, clean-running process color images every time.
Learn more >> (http://printing.macdermid.com/files/4414/2626/1384/MVP.pdf)

Our premier capped photopolymer plate, EPIC was designed to meet the special needs of high resolution process color printing and has proven its value over and over in just
about every flexo printing application. The patented cap technology on all EPIC plates allows printers to get high solid ink densities and print fine details at the same time.
EPIC's exceptional exposure latitude also makes platemaking easy and eliminates the need for masking. Epic is well-suited for high quality printing on labels, film, preprint
liner, and lined corrugated when litho quality graphics are required, and is fully compatible with solvent-, UV-, and water-based inks.
Learn more >> (http://printing.macdermid.com/files/7714/2626/1427/EPIC.pdf)

Green Product, suitable for water base ink, Optimal hardness and flexibility, Excellent dot and isolated line reproduction Solid printing performance, High latitude of exposure and processing, Good ink transfer,
High impression.
Suitable for water and alcohol-based ink, incompatible with oil-based ink, hydrocarbon solvent or the ink containing ethyl acetate of more than 25%
Learn more >> (http://www.hgfilm.com.cn/html/product/www/eyyy/html/product/2012/12/25/1741_88.html)